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Spirit Cafe Training

Feb 22nd & 23rd





This training is for those who are interested in starting a Spirit Cafe in their own church.


Training includes teaching, practicals, treatment demonstrations, & activations. We will be providing Lunch on Thursday & Friday, and there is a possibility of you actually joining us on our Spirit Cafe Team on Friday Night!                        

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2nd & Last Friday of every month

7:30pm - 9:30pm  - Free Entry


All treatments are free, and are booked on a first come, first served basis.


Treatment options:

Spiritual Readings

Peace Treatments

Dream Interpretation

Physical Healing

Spiritual Cleansing

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Check out our events calendar to make sure you never miss anything!

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Book Tickets
sozo training feb17





Training & Mentoring £129

Basic Training Only £49

Intensive Mentoring Only £89


This is a full Basic Sozo Training, followed by three full days of intensive mentoring. These two component can be done seperately or together, but only those who have previously attended a Basic Training scan attend the Intensive Mentoring.


Lunch and refreshments is provided.