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2nd & Last Friday of every month

7:30pm - 9:30pm  - Free Entry


All treatments are first come, first served.



Spiritual Readings

Peace Treatments

Dream Interpretation

Physical Healing

Spiritual Cleansing

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Intensive Mentoring only £ 89


This is three full days of intensive mentoring. These training days are ideal for anyone wanting to start a Sozo team, or join an existing team. Only those who have attended a Basic Training can attend the Intensive Mentoring.


Lunch and refreshments provided.  


Additional Dates:

Oct 20th-24th


Spiritual Encounter Evening

March 24th - 7:30pm-9:30pm - FREE EVENT


This event is designed for those who do not attend church regularly, but have a hunger to explore spiritual things, and is ideal for those searching for spiritual encounters.





Evening includes:

Spiritual worship songs

The Holy Spirit invited to touch the audience

Team gives spiritual messages from the Holy Spirit to individuals

'Words of Knowledge'

Physical healings

Corporate spiritual cleansing

Prayers of blessing for all


These encounter nights are for those who want to continue the journey to deepen relationship with Jesus & the Holy Spirit. No admission fee, but seating priority will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Venue open from 7:00pm.

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Spirit Cafe Training

June 7th & 8th


This training is for those who are interested in implimenting this incredible evangelism tool in their own church.  


Training includes teaching, practicals, treatment demonstrations, & activations. We will be providing Lunch on Thursday & Friday, and there is a possibility of you actually joining us on our Spirit Cafe Team on Friday Night!


(Next dates: Oct 25th & 26th)                       

sozo training may 2018