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Spirit Cafe Trainings













These trainings are for those who are interested in starting a Spirit Cafe in their own church.


Training includes teaching, practicals, treatment demonstrations, & activations. Lunch is generally provided but please read the description of the event you are interested in specifically.              

Spirit Cafe Birmingham

2nd & Last Friday of every month

7:30pm - 9:30pm  - Free Treatments


Spiritual Readings

Peace Treatments

Dream Interpretations

Physical Healings

Spiritual Cleansings


All treatments are first come, first served.


Check out our events calendar to make sure you never miss anything

SCTraining fb2 embracing Spiritual Realities

Spiritual Workshop


For those wanting to grow in spiritual understanding, and giftings so they can step into the destiny.


These weekly workshops will include a meal, inspiring testimonials, demonstrations & teaching on popular spiritual topics, such as: Operating in Spiritual Giftings & How to Walk in Peace in any Situation.

November 11th - December 2nd

January 6th - January 27th

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New dates coming soon

16th & 17th April 9.30am

Holy Spirit meeting - Feb 19th 7.30 - 10pm


We have been feeling a stirring in our spirits again to make space for the Holy Spirit to touch and encounter His people. This isn't just about another warm fuzzy experience. We know from personal experience that having a REAL encounter with His love and power changes us. These experiences embolden and equip us to share the truth of who He is with conviction and passion. 



Next dates: March 11th.

We have been feeling for a while now that we want to prioritise spending time 'soaking' in His presence. If you don't know what soaking is, it's a time we set aside to position ourselves to receive and allow God's love, grace, and peace to come and wash over us. You may wish to bring a notebook and pillow or blanket with you to get comfortable as you 'wait on the Lord'. We aim to do this once a month on the third Friday.



February 21st, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

March 20th, 7:30pm - 9:30pm


You can come or leave whenever you need to, but please do so quietly to not disturb others.

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We know that life gets busy, but would love to have you over for coffee and cake if you fancy it.


Please let us know if you can make it.


Next Dates: March 6th


same time each day


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Would I benefit from this?


- I struggle with fear & anxiety

- I have trust issues

- I'm often worried about money

- I get angry easily

- I feel weird sharing my feelings or affection

- I carry a lot of guilt and shame

- I find excuses to avoid social situations

- I find it hard to receive a compliment

- I don't make friends easily


If you identify with any of these, then the answer is yes.


Cost is £20 per person.

d806a71c-e180-4aa1-a1d2-142384794be7 Printable upcoming events

If you would like a copy of the events coming up, then please download a printable upcoming events leaflet. Stick it to your fridge, so you can always see what's coming up here at Harvest Ministries.

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This free brunch is specifically for Church Leaders and Pastors who are interested in learning more about Spirit Cafe.


It is the most effective evangelism activity we have ever done, as we see people encounter and say 'yes' to Jesus every time we operate a Spirit Cafe. We have seen  literally thousands of people say yes to Jesus and hundreds of people get healed  since we started in May 2014.


Spirit Cafe focuses on meeting the needs of those who are spiritually hungry, who otherwise look elsewhere for spiritual input. There are over 40 Spirit Cafes now internationally with more waiting to be added.


Session will be led by Lori Arnott Lawlor the founder of Spirit Cafe.

To register click here (Free Event)