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John and Carol Arnott


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John & Carol Arnott have been in the ministry for over 30 years, sharing the Father's love & the Holy Spirit's fire! They have been traveling the world since revival started in their church in 1994, but still drop in here whenever they can to see their family, (Lori's parents).

This is our network, it was birthed out of the Toronto Revival.  It is a family of

churches around the world that are

committed to the inward, upward, and

outward journeys. We believe these three

things are the essence of real revival.

We are one of the first training centres for

Bethel Sozo in the UK. We have trained

many teams and love this inner healing model.

We call it a Revival Tool! Lori Arnott Lawlor is one of the official UK trainers for Bethel Sozo.

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Spirit Cafe

In 2014 we began an outreach activity called the Spirit Cafe, which targets those who are spiritually hungry and searching, but who normally go to psychics and mediums.  Ours is now the flagship for other Spirit Cafes around the world. Spirit Cafes are now officially networked together under our trademark.