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Buy One, Get One Free! Manifestation and Prophetic Symbolism


henever an extraordinary move of God takes place in the Church, questions and concerns are raised, especially in connection with the manifestation that occur and the use of prophetic symbolism. This book sets out to answer the four questions that are asked most consistently ... ... Why do manifestations occur? ... Is there anything we can learn from them about what the Holy Spirit is doing at that moment in a person's life? ... How does one pastor a move of the Spirit and retain a godly order without quenching the work of the Spirit? ... Why do some people experience manifestations of the Spirit's power whilst others feel nothing? Rather than arguing for or against the appearance of manifestations and the use of prophetic symbolism, John Arnott presents a balanced biblical study that will be helpful to many who are puzzled by what they see and hear from centres of revival around the world. John imparts wise counsel and provides a strong framework for those who want to see the power of God manifest in their church without sacrificing appropriate godly order.