Harvest Ministries

Spirit Cafe Training Resource Pack


Over a year ago now we stumbled into something the Holy Spirit wanted to do.  We call it the Spirit Cafe.  It is something that we run twice a month for the who-so-ever in the community.  It is a Cafe with one difference, all the menu items are different Supernatural Encounters with Jesus!  We Give prophtic words (which we call 'Spiritual Readings'), Physical Healing, Dream Interpretation, Peace Treatments (where the unchurched come and sit while we invite the Holy Spirit to come and rest on them).  

It's totally amazing!  -Every single week we see people come and encounter the love, power, & presence of God!  Each Spirit Cafe leads 1-12 people to accept Jesus into their lives. We are amazed to see what God is doing.  To those of you wanting to open one in you church we have given you everything here!

What is included:
5 copies of our 22 page Training Manuals - professionally bound and ready to hand out!
The Word document for the Training Manuals so you can print more for your team!
The Audio Accompaniment for the training (as recorded live) - Including training in pastoral accountablity etc.
The private links to the Video of the traning materials
Activation Exercises to help your team practice
Practical Instuctions and check lists
Advertising Banners - 12 foot size, 8 foot size, A1 size (all in editable photoshop formats)
Leaflets, A4 Banners, A5 banners (all in editable photoshop formats

Files will be sent on a memory Stick and/or dropbox link
The Menu itself (in an editable format)