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Bethel Sozo Basic Training & Intensive Mentoring


Sat 12 Oct 9:30 am - Wed 16 Oct 5:00 pm

at Harvest Ministries




Basic Training 

Involves two full days of training in the Bethel Sozo tools, and is accredited from Bethel Sozo in Reading California.  This incredible training will teach you tools to deal with real life issues, so we can step into freedom and destiny. Lori Arnott Lawlor of Harvest Ministries has been an official trainer since 2008.


Intensive Mentoring

This is three full days of intensive mentoring,

with real practice using the tools, in a

leaning environment. This fast tracks the

mentoring process as it is an opportunity to

actually use the tools, dealing with real

issues. Those who have taken the Intensive

Mentoring with us in the past have all highly

recommended it, as learning about the Sozo

tools if not the same thing, as actually

knowing how to use and apply them!


Trainings are taught by Lori Arnott Lawlor and

team, and take place at Harvest Church, one of

the Bethel Sozo rescource centeres in the UK.


We have been amazed at the speed and effectiveness of Sozo ministry.  It is what we would call a 'Revival tool'. If you or your church want to get involved with Sozo ministry, then this basic training is an excellent way to come and learn what it is about.


The Intensive Mentorong portion of the training is 3 days in length and is designed to give participants lots of practice, and experience with the main Sozo tools.  These 3 days are for those wanting to fast track the mentoring process.  There is an additional charge for these three days, as they are not normally considered part of the Basic Training.


The SOZO ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry in which the main aim is to get to the root of those things hindering a personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There are six tools which the SOZO team uses:

Sozo Ministry can deal effectively with:


• Trusting God as provider

• Addictions & Compulsive Behaviour

• Anger & Control Issues

• Patterns of Sexual Sin & Abuse

• Occult/Demonic history

• Feeling Misunderstood

• Rejection Issues

• Loneliness

• Knowing our Identity

• Hearing God's Voice


If you are already part of our Sozo team and are in the middle of your mentoring process, please message the office to get details of how to book your ticket.


**We can not guarantee to officially release everyone who attends the three days of intensive mentoring, but will offer a huge amount of experience & practice.

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